Mi's Collection: Alter

Â: Šù‘µ, ‰©: –¢‘µ
Alter: 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, TypeMoon
Œõ‚Ɛ…‚̃_ƒtƒl …Ž÷ ƒ}ƒCƒA LastExile Alvis E.Hamilton, Alvis & Lavie, FA4 GrandStream Box
Pia ƒLƒƒƒƒbƒg‚ւ悤‚±‚»!! 3 –؃m‰º ‹MŽq Xenosaga KOS-MOS
FA4 ŒŽ‰r Moon Phase `‚Ó‚é‚Ó‚é ‚Ó‚é‚ށ`‚ñ Box` ŒŽ‰r Moon Phase —tŒŽ Dress Ver.
FA4 Type-Moon Collection FA4 MeltyBlood Pretty Collection
Fate / stay night ‰“â ™z Maid iN Heaven SuperS ‚È‚¬‚³
Fate / hollow ataraxia ƒZƒCƒo[, ŠÔ‹Ë ÷, ƒ‰ƒCƒ_[, Caren Hortensia, Ilya, FA4 –‚ŠE“VŽgƒWƒuƒŠ[ƒ‹ ƒWƒuƒŠ[ƒ‹, ƒWƒuƒŠ[ƒ‹.ƒAƒŠƒGƒX, Djibril Zero
the Rumble Fish ƒK[ƒlƒbƒg ”š—ô“VŽg ƒƒO, ƒZƒC, ƒGƒCƒ~[
Quiz MagicAcademy Shalon, Ruquia ‚Ï‚É‚Û‚É ‚¾‚Á‚µ‚ã! ‹k —æ
Peace@Pieces ƒqƒJƒ‹, ƒiƒM Ž€_‘•‘© Ver. FA4 Navel `‚Õ‚è‚Ä‚¡ƒRƒŒƒNƒVƒ‡ƒ“`
Jinki:eXtend ’Ãè Â—t & ƒ‚ƒŠƒrƒg 2 † SchoolRumble “ñŠwŠú ‘ò‹ß ˆ¤—, Žü–h ”ü‹Õ …’… Ver.
oŠ[–‚‹ž ƒCƒOƒjƒX ’´V“VŽgƒGƒXƒJƒŒƒCƒ„[
‚ƂȃOƒ‰! —Lâ ŒŽ (‹£‰j Ver.) ‚ß‚ª‚¿‚ã! Fauna, Leukothea, Jordh
Deus Machina Demonbane Al Azif —Á‹{ƒnƒ‹ƒq‚Ì—JŸT ’·–å —LŠó …’…, §•ž
Chu x Chu ƒAƒCƒh‚é Chua Churam ƒyƒ“ƒMƒ“–º‚Í‚Ÿ‚Æ “ì‹É ‚³‚­‚ç ƒƒCƒh•ž Ver.
ToHeart2 HMX-17c Silfa, ‰Í–ì ‚Í‚é‚Ý, HMX-17a Ilfa •S‰Ô㇗ –ö¶ \•º‰q, •ž•” ”¼‘ , ç•P, ’¼] Œ“‘±
StrikeWitches ‹{“¡ –F‰À, Sanya V.Litvyak, Charlotte E.Yeager, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke ‚¯‚¢‚¨‚ñ! HŽR àY [Šw‰€Õ Ver.], •½‘ò —B, ’†–ì ˆ², ‹Õ ’Û, “cˆä’† —¥, •½‘ò —J, ^“ç ˜a
Little Busters! ”\”ü ƒNƒhƒŠƒƒƒtƒJ, ù£ì ²X”ü ç -Saki- •Ð‰ª —DŠó, ‚Ì‚Ç‚Á‚¿
ƒ‰ƒ“ƒX VI -ƒ[ƒX•ö‰ó- –‚‘z Žu’́ í‘ƒ‰ƒ“ƒX í•P
žO‘º³ •S•P OdinSphere Mercedes
Shining Wind Clalaclan Phirias Armor Ver. ‚Æ‚ ‚é‰ÈŠw‚Ì’´“dŽ¥–C ²“V —ÜŽq, ‰t ü—˜
–‚–@­—ƒŠƒŠƒJƒ‹‚È‚Ì‚Í the Movie 1st. Fate Testarossa Ž„•ž Ver., StrikerS Fate T.Harlaown -Summer Holiday- Evangelion 2.0 Ž®”g ƒAƒXƒJ ƒ‰ƒ“ƒOƒŒ[ test type plug suit ver.
GuiltyGear XX ∧CORE Dizzy
the Tower of Druaga - the Aegis of Uruk - Kaaya ‰»•¨Œê ƒuƒ‰ƒbƒN‰Hì, çÎ •Žq
ƒˆƒXƒKƒmƒ\ƒ‰ t“ú–ì âu Working!! ŽR“c ˆ¨, Ží“‡ ‚Û‚Õ‚ç
‚à‚Á‚Æ ToLOVE‚é Momo Belia Deviluke ’´V‘M”Eƒnƒ‹ƒJ Žl•û“° ƒiƒŠƒJ ’´V‘M”E Ver. (Ä”Ì”Å)
Infinite Stratos Charlotte Dunois ƒWƒƒ[ƒW Ver., Laura Bodewig ƒƒCƒh Ver. -
CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion C.C., R2 gŒŽ ƒJƒŒƒ“ Queen's Blade Ex b–‚”EŒR“ª—Ì ƒVƒYƒJ
Queen's Gate –å‚ðŠJ‚­ŽÒ ƒAƒŠƒX ToLOVE‚é Lala Satalin Deviluke §•ž Ver.